Better Viewing Experience

Your viewers will love the enhanced, interactive viewing experience with the Viziotag interactive menu, which gives them complete control over their viewing experience.

What is Viziotag?

Viziotag is a specialized media player page, that marries media of all types and from any platform to an interactive menu of deep tags that gives viewers control over their viewing while helping to comprehend and retain the information in the video.  It also gives them unique sharing options with links that take the recipient directly to that point in the video.


Deep tagging with Viziotag is the final touch for video publishing that adds tremendous value to the viewer experience. We are happy to provide deep tagging services for those clients with less time or resources.

Social Media Sharing

Viziotag allows your viewers to share Viziotagged videos through a wide variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so many others. Or they can send Viziotag links through email or as links in a blog or on a website.


Other video publishing platforms give you pre-packaged statistics. We give you the raw data in a viewable format and work with you to develop meaningful insights.

Our granular tracking allows you to “watch” an individual viewing session, including the viewer’s navigation and how long they viewed each tag. Finally, it lets you know when they leave the video.

Event Video

Turn events into valuable digital content

  • Viewers can go directly to the part of the video that interests them.
  • Viewers can search for speakers or topic of interest or even instances of a word or phrase in the event.


While Viziotag works with all forms of media, we have a tighter integration with YouTube and we provide ways for you to monetize YouTube videos directly.

About Us

Founded in 2009, the company’s initial mission was improving the e-Learning media experience, operating primarily in the enterprise level space.

Since then the Viziotag system and vision has been expanded to include other uses such as helping small media publishers (websites with video or audio content) to offer their viewers a better viewing experience.