About Us

About Us

The original prototype version of the software was conceived and developed by our co-founder, Steve, as a result of 9/11 – a solution for a company who’s training method involved flying trainees in to their corporate headquarters. In the time directly after 9/11 it was questionable whether anything involving flying would remain viable.


And so Steve videotaped (actual tape) an entire week of management training and developed the first version of what would become Viziotag to make access to the videos manageable.


Some time later, Steve was joined by Jeff, our other co-founder, who successfully sold the use of the system to an enterprise level clientele.


The latest version of Viziotag, grounded in e-learning, has expanded to include publication of indexed video for all of the major video formats and platforms.


Generating Viziotag indices for video (and audio) uses a combination of AI of various forms and human intelligence.  In our experience, effective indexing requires a subject matter expert who knows their audience and can construct key contextual phrases to describe the video content.


The Viziotag team is excited about the prospects of Viziotag to disrupt the online video industry.