The Viziotag Gallery

The Program Gallery gives you and your viewers a visual listing of Viziotag programs.  The page is designed to be embedded on your website, giving you instant video gallery capability.

The search function will filter the list by a search term which looks at title, description, and keywords either together or individually.  You can publish the filtered page, as shown below with our live demo.

This is our Viziotag “sales” account page, is filtered by a keyword – “salesdemo”. But you can view all the programs in the ‘sales’ account with the reset button-  or enter another search term.

You can also search tags on this page.  Simply choose “TAGS” from the pull-down menu and all of the tags for the account will be searched for the term.  In this case, try “Heather”. Clicking on any of the program thumbnails will open the program.