The Viziotag Platform

Viziotag is a hosted service that greatly extends the intelligence, functionality, and monetization options of all forms of web video and audio.

The Viziotag platform features three primary components to enhance both publishing and viewing.

The first part is the Program Gallery, which provides keyword-filtered access and searching at both the program and tag level. Since

The second part is our Program Player, which marries videos from many different sources with a rich trove of structured metadata.

The player comes in a number of different publishing configurations, depending on your needs.

There is the standard Horizontal Mode, the Vertical mode, useful for column-oriented pages, and Compact Mode, which provides a full screen video with a tags menu overlay toggled by the viewer at will. Publishing configurations can go even further by adding components to the url at the time of publishing to turn the tags menu on or off or add a custom background image.

The player allows viewers to share individual Viziotags on a plethora of social media sites.  The links provided will take people directly to that point in the video.

The third component is our reporting capabilities, starting with the Activity Report, which provides a summary of viewing for the entire account.  For each program, there is also a detailed Activity Log, which captures the relevant viewing events like tag clicks.