Viziotag Partnership

What is a Viziotag Partnership?

To make a long story short, Viziotag creates a special relationship with some of our clients, working directly with them on developing all aspects of their video initiatives, to reach a specific goal, usually monetization.

Some of these cases involve libraries of existing content that we help organize, publish, and monetize.  Sometimes the videos are more current and timely, requiring a different approach.  In both such cases we help guide the content owner towards profitability.

These services are available for hire as well, but in special cases we will work with you to defray initial costs with revenue sharing.

How can I become a Viziotag Partner?

To apply for Viziotag partnership, please compete this form.  We will review the information and contact you as soon as possible.

What are the advantages of a Viziotag Partnership?

Increase Revenue & Customer Satisfaction

VizioTag partners are seeing substantial improvements in their revenue from solutions and services they provide to their customers. When you partner with VizioTag, you can have your customer’s videos easily searched, navigated, shared and ultimately consumed. A Viziotagged video is a better way to watch important online content.

Help drive your customer’s business forward with more leads, more customers and higher profits, and make money for your firm. It is a win/win proposition for all.

Accelerate Innovation

Staying ahead of the online media next generation curve with a more compelling way to promote your client’s online video is critical in a rapidly changing marketplace. The power of Viziotag is giving partners a great new offering to keep their clients online media files easier to find, search, watch and consume.

By providing viewers with a better way to way, your clients message stays front and center with new prospects and customers. VizioTag partners can innovate more rapidly allowing them to satisfy customer needs faster and expand the range of capabilities they can offer. Help your customers drive their business to more revenue and higher profits with VizioTag.

More Revenue, Greater Profit & Faster Growth

When you partner with VizioTag, you bring new and innovative differences to your business. These differences will open up those doors to greater revenue opportunities and ultra fast growth. The VizioTag offering will connect you in new ways with your customers, bring new resources to your solution offerings, and bring new, cutting-edge technology and increased profits to your customers. All of these benefits lead to more profitability and put you way ahead of the competition.